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Windy, exposed garden in Wellington? – It can be an asset!

People who live in Wellington know that we endure a lot of wind so having a garden that is practical and useable in the wind would be a great garden to have. We have an extremely windy and exposed section. Can you make that work for us?? Of course I can help, for the last 20 years I have lived in Wellington and by the sea! I lived firstly in Eastbourne which was quite sheltered admittedly but I did a lot of beachfront coastal properties in Eastbourne which got gale force winds from the north and the south and of course coastal salt. Then just to really cut my teeth I moved to Makara about 6 years ago and really got taught a thing or two about wind. It’s a pretty mean place in a northerly and we are surrounded by a wind farm. The...
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Choosing A Landscape Architect or Designer

You think you have your garden ideas sorted … ……but you like one style of garden design, your partner likes another! “How do I know you are going to suit my taste and my partner’s taste?” When you are selecting your designer it is helpful if you have seen some evidence that they have designed the sort of project that you have in your mind for your place. Look for evidence in their work – their websites are usually the best place for this. Look through their portfolio on their website – is the sort of work they do or tend to specialise in the type of look you are after? Every designer has different preferences. Some may create mainly casual, informal gardens, some may seem to do a lot of contemporary, clean-lined gardens with minimal planting. If the designer seems to specialise in, say,...
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