Boulcott School

The concept of “Enviroschools” was the driving force behind the design of the school grounds here. The Enviroschool programme – encouraging students to become involved in the development of the school environment and embrace the concepts of recycling, sustainability and ecological principles – had been adopted by the school and they wanted the entire design to reflect this and comply with the main principles.  The plan includes community vege gardens, an orchard, native bush area, rain gardens and rainwater collection to tanks, an outdoor classroom and a range of areas for sitting/reading/learning in an outdoor environment  

This school has a comprehensive set of standard style playground but this was almost abandoned  by the children when a huge tree was felled and part of the grounds was temporarily filled with felled logs, tree stumps and piles of mulch – the children loved this informal “play equipment”! The decision was made to develop this theme of creative play using natural objects – boulders, logs, plants etc, and this circles the playing fields.

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